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The environmental and financial benefits of renewable energy are undeniable.
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We are dedicated to enriching lives by providing long-lasting energy solutions for households, businesses and communities.

CIRE is a professional renewable energy solutions provider in Maidstone.

We take pride in always giving our clients honest advice on what is the best solution for their property, both from a financial and technical point of view.

Renewable Energy is generated by sources that can be replenished within a relatively short period of time. Here at CIRE, we see the promise of renewable energy everywhere we look and our team has the diversity, resourcefulness and passion needed to deliver that promise however and wherever our clients need it.

CIRE is continuously evaluating new technologies and potential markets and is establishing new business relationships within the renewable energy sector as the market continues to expand.

Our company fulfils the cooling, heating, ventilation and renewable energy requirements of a number of commercial and corporate clients in addition to the comfort needs of residential customers.

Renewal Energy Provider Kent London

CIRE is dedicated to enriching lives by providing long-lasting energy solutions for households, businesses and communities.

The most important advantage of renewable energy is in its name – it is renewable. This means it will not run out. The sun will always sun, the wind will always blow and the earth will always have geothermal energy.

CIRE is here to assist, from initial planning and design. We can deliver installation and upgrades to suit the client’s needs from design right through to handover.

We have one planet where we live and CIRE is committed to the need to protect it as much as possible. Our multi-skilled teams are dynamic and get involved in different aspects of each project, this approach improves knowledge within the team.

Going green is beneficial for the planet and good for us – so the environmental, health and financial benefits of renewable energy are undeniable for you as our clients.

Air Conditioning Medway Kent

Air Conditioning Maidstone

We serve both residential and commercial clients’ air conditioning services and offer a variety of money-saving solutions.

Air Source Heat Pumps Medway Kent

Air Source Heat Pumps Maidstone

Here at CIRE, we specialise in air source heat pump installations. Installing an air-source heat pump is a great way to reduce your heating and hot water bills.

Solar Panel Installation Medway Kent

Solar Installation Maidstone

CIRE specialises in residential, commercial and industrial solar system installation, operations and maintenance with our in-house team of solar power renewable energy specialists.

EV Charger Installation Medway Kent

EV Car Chargers Maidstone

With the need for EV charge points increasing, CIRE ensures that installation is available to both commercial and domestic customers.

Ventilation Medway Kent

Ventilation Systems Maidstone

CIRE can provide ventilation systems to all buildings, commercial and domestic. We are specialists in providing cost-effective and efficient ventilation systems.

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